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Using the Advance Parole

May 28, 2002

Going through US Immigration at the Calgary airport, we showed the INS Official our passports and the AP document.  He directed us into the Secondary Inspection room.  We had to leave our luggage outside the room (there were windows from which we could watch it) and were told to sit down in the waiting area until they called Brian's name.  When they called his name, we both went up to the window.  The INS Official asked Brian some questions such as his mom's name, his dad's name, and what his status in the US is.  We showed him the AOS Interview letter & gave him the AP.  He asked us, incredulously, "You have your AOS Interview today and you're in *Canada*?!?"  We explained that the trip was already planned when we got the letter.  He took our documents and told us to go sit down.  After about 5 minutes, he called us back.  He stamped Brian's passport with an I-94 and gave us 2 copies of the AP back.  Both had been stamped with an I-94 and one had an I-94 card on it.  He told us to keep the one without the card in our safe-deposit box "to show that you had it and used it correctly" and to give the one with the card on it to the INS Official at our interview later that day.  He then wished us luck & bid us on our way.