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August 14, 2001

Today Brian & I went down to the Cleveland INS office to file for his EAD (Employment Authorization). Due to traffic delays, we got there at about 8:15. As we came off of the elevator and turned the corner to go stand in line, we were *shocked* to see that there was NO LINE! We didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing.... We took a number and sat down in the waiting room. They were serving number 6 & our number was 22.

At about 8:50, they called our number. We went up to the desk & gave the lady our application. She was *very* nice & pleasant, which I'm sure is not easy to do in that job. She asked for the $100 check and for Brian's identification. We gave her the check and his passport and his ADIT photos. She said that they'd be taking another picture today & we didn't need them. She put the passport with the application and gave us a receipt. She told us to go down the hallway to another room & wait for them to call our name, which we did.

At about 10:15, an INS officer came to the waiting room and called off a list of names, including Brian's. The throng of people whose names were called thundered off down the hallway to the entrance to another room, where we were directed to wait until he called our names again. One by one, the EAD applicants went into the room, signed a card, were thumb-printed, and had their pictures taken. Finally, he called Brian. He asked Brian to make sure his name was spelled correctly on the card, which it WASN'T. He told Brian that we'd have to go back to the waiting room & we'd be taken care of in the next group of people.

By 11:00, they called the 2nd group of people, but we were not among them. I caught the Officer's attention and said, "What about us?" He said, "They're re-doing your card; you'll be in the next group." *sigh*

Finally, at 11:45, they called the 3rd group, including Brian. Back to the photo room. After waiting in line again, the name was right & Brian's picture was taken. He had to come back out to the hallway to wait for the card, which he received at about 12:05.

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