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Conditional Permanent Residency Approved!!!

June 18, 2002

Today we received our approval notice, dated June 14, 2002, from the SF INS Office!!!!  Brian is now a Conditional Permanent Resident (CPR) of the United States of America!!!!
The envelope looks like it's been through a war zone, though.  It's got a footprint on the back of it & there's a big scrape and tears across the front, but it got here in one piece!  YAY!
In the envelope are 2 pages:
  • Page 1  says "this letter should not be regarded as proof" of CPR status and tells us that if we need proof of status, go to get his passport stamped.  The stamp will be regarded as proof of his status until the alien registration card ("Green Card") arrives "within one year".
  • Page 2  advises us to file to have Brian's conditions removed after March 14, 2004 & before June 14, 2004.
Tonight we celebrate!!!!

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